Professor Lui Tai-lok 呂大樂教授  
M.Phil. HKU; M.Phil. ,D.Phil Oxford.  
Area of Expertise
Class analysis, Economic Sociology, Urban Sociology, and Hong Kong society
A Brief Biography
History major in the undergraduate years but then moved on to obtain an M.Phil. in Sociology at The University of Hong Kong and then an M.Phil. and a D.Phil., both in Sociology, at The University of Oxford. Taught at City Polytechnic (1986-88) and then at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (1988-2009) before joining this department this academic year. A regular columnist in local newspapers and occasionally a radio programme host.
Selected Publication

2009. Hong Kong: Becoming a Chinese Global City. London: Routledge. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2009. “Becoming a Chinese global city: Hong Kong (and Shanghai) beyond the global-local duality,” in Xiangming Chen (ed.) Shanghai Rising: State Power and Local Transformations in a Global Megacity. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2009. “Learning from civil unrest: state/society relations in Hong Kong before and after the 1967 disturbances,” Robert Bickers and Ray Yep (eds) May Days in Hong Kong: Riots and Emergency in 1967. Hong Kong: Hong KongUniversity Press. (co-authored with Alan Smart)

2009. “階級分析的情感轉向:上海與香港中產階級的認同,” 李春玲(編) ,《比較視野下的中產階級形成》。北京:社會科學文獻出版社。

2008. Hong Kong, China: Learning to Belong to a Nation. London: Routledge. (Co-authored with G. Mathews and E. Ma)

2008. “City-branding without content: Hong Kong’s aborted West Kowloon mega-project, 1998-2006.” International Development Planning Review, Vol.30, No.3.

2007. “Governance crisis in post-1997 Hong Kong: a political economy perspective.” The China Review, Vol.7, No.2. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)

2006. “無關痛癢的1974,” 吳俊雄等(合編),《香港·文化·研究》。香港:香港大學出版社。

2005. “Bringing class back in: China re-stratified.” Critical Asian Studies. Vol.37, No.3

2004. “Testing the global city-social polarization thesis: Hong Kong since the 1990s.” Urban Studies, Vol.41, No.10. (Co-authored with Stephen Chiu)


Research Projects

2006-2008. ‘Who Gets Ahead (or Stays Behind): Life Chances and Social Mobility in Hong Kong’, funded by the Central Policy Unit of the Government of HKSAR and the Research Grant Council.

2005-2007. ‘Social Class, Mobility Experience and Mobility Strategy’, funded by the Research Grants Council.

Working in Progress

Working on a book manuscript on how parents prepare their children for social mobility in Hong Kong

Developing a book project on Hong Kong in the 1970s

Developing a research on the Five-Antis Campaign (五反運動) in Shanghai


Professional and Community Service

Member, International & Relief Service Management Committee, Hong Kong Red Cross (1999- )

Panel Member, Humanities, Social sciences and Business Studies Panel, Research Grants Council (October 2007 – 30 June 2011)

Chief Editor, The Social Transformation of Chinese Societies (2010-)

Member, Editorial Board, Critical Asian Studies (2001- )

Member, Editorial Board, China Journal of Social Work (2008- )

Series Co-editor, a book series “Hong Kong Culture and Society” published by Hong Kong University Press

編輯委員, 中國城市評論(2005- )

編輯委員, 傳播與社會學刊(2006- )