Professor Maggy Lee 李淑儀教授  
B.SocSc., M.Phil. HKU; M. Phil., Ph.D. Cantab  
Office: Room C0919, The Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus
Tel: 3917 8948  
Area of Expertise
Lifestyle migration, transnational professionals, human trafficking, border and criminology of mobility
A Brief Biography
Maggy did her MPhil at the University of Hong Kong and her PhD at the University of Cambridge on policing and juvenile justice. Previously worked as a criminal justice researcher at the Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence and lectured at Birkbeck College, University of London, and the University of Essex in the UK.
Selected Publication

‘Border trading and policing of everyday life in Hong Kong’ (with Laidler) in Pickering, S. and Ham, J. (eds) (2014), The Routledge Handbook on Crime and International Migration, London: Routledge; ‘Gendered Discipline and Protective Custody of Trafficking Victims in Asia’, Punishment and Society, (2014), 16(2): 206-222; 'Doing criminology from the periphery: Crime and punishment in Asia’, Theoretical Criminology (2013, with Laidler), 17(2): 141-157; 'Human trafficking and border control in the global south' in K. F. Aas and M. Bosworth (eds.) (2013), The Borders of Punishment, Oxford: Oxford University Press; Trafficking and Global Crime Control (2011), London: Sage; Human Trafficking (2007, ed.), Cullompton: Willan; Criminology: A Sociological Introduction (2008, 2nd ed., with Carrabine, Cox, Plummer and South), London: Routledge; ‘Globalization, Ethnicity and Racism’, Theoretical Criminology (2008, with Bosworth and Bowling), 12(3): 263-273; ‘Women’s imprisonment as a mechanism of migration control in Hong Kong’, British Journal of Criminology (2007), 47(6): 847-860.


Research Projects

 ‘”Home and Away”: Female Transnational Professionals in Hong Kong', Hong Kong Central Policy Unit, Public Policy Research Programme (2011-2013). Principal Investigator.

‘Lifestyle Migration in East Asia: A Comparative Study of British and Asian Lifestyle Migrants’, Economic and Social Research Council UK/Hong Kong Research Grants Council (2011-2013) (with K. O'Reilly and R. Stones). Principal Investigator.

'Fear of crime and trust in crime control in Hong Kong', Hong Kong Research Grants Council, General Research Fund (2012-2014) (with M. Adorjan). Co-Investigator.

‘The polarisation of transnational migrant workers in global cities’, Hong Kong University Seed Funding for Basic Research Grant (2007-2008). Principal Investigator.


CCCH9013 Love, Marriage and Sex in Modern China
SOCI2076 Globalization and Crime
SOCI7004 Theoretical Criminology